Institutional Memberships for Professional Development Courses 2023-2024

Monday March 27, 2023

A new membership year has begun for Mountain Measurement's Professional Development Institutional Memberships. Nurse educators are now able to register their organization for a 2023-2024 membership. Faculty members affiliated with organizations that opt to purchase an Institutional Membership will receive unlimited access to the self-paced Mountain Measurement Professional Development Courses, as well as discounted access to the synchronous Professional Development Courses.

Program evaluation is more effective when all faculty members are involved. The institutional memberships provide a cost-effective way to enable all faculty members at your organization to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be active participants in the program evaluation process. Mountain Measurement is pleased to offer continuing education contact hours for these courses (ABNP1516 Exp: 2/4/2025). The amount of contact hours awarded varies by course and is dependent upon the completion of all course requirements as outlined on the Course Description pages.

Institutional Memberships last one year (from April 1 through March 31), and the cost is determined by the number of students graduating from your organization during the prior year.

Base Cost Per Graduate Cost Total Cost
Model $1000 $3 $1000 + (# of grads x $3)
Example (80 graduates) $1000 80 graduates * $3 $1,240

Nursing organizations that participate in the Annual Institutional Membership program receive the following:

** Course 221 will be available starting Summer 2023

For more information about the Mountain Measurement Professional Development Courses and the Institutional Memberships, visit the Find Out More About page in the Professional Development section of the NCLEX® Program Reports website.

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