The mission of the Mountain Measurement’s Professional Development Services is to provide the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for nurse educators to

  • Maximize the utility of the information contained in NCLEX® Program Reports
  • Plan, participate and lead successful program evaluation and improvement activities
  • Envision, create, produce, publish, administer, analyze, and interpret useful educational assessments
  • Effectively incorporate their assessment and program evaluation practices into their accreditation and program improvement framework

Educational content is delivered in the following ways.

  • Posts: Short sound bites are offered through Mountain Measurement’s social media and notices on the NCLEX® Program Reports website. Educators should think of posts as abstracts or summaries of the articles published on Mountain Measurement’s Blog for Nurse Educators.
  • Blog Articles: Similar to journal articles, a sufficient overview of a topic is provided in the informational articles published in Mountain Measurement’s Blog for Nurse Educators.
  • Courses: In-depth information is provided through the web-based Professional Development Courses offered by Mountain Measurement.
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Mountain Measurement began working with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to produce the NCLEX® Program Reports in 2005. Over time, it became apparent that many nurse educators did not use the NCLEX® Program Reports to their fullest potential. In 2016, Mountain Measurement set out to help nurse educators maximize the utility of the information contained in the NCLEX® Program Reports. In order to attain this, Mountain Measurement formed the NCLEX® Program Reports Panel of Experts to provide direction and leadership in the development of courses to educate nurse educators about program evaluation and the NCLEX® Program Reports. The face-to-face NCLEX® Program Reports Professional Development Seminars were offered first in 2016 and new courses were added in the years that followed. In 2020, Mountain Measurement expanded the scope of the mission in order to offer its expertise in assessment and accreditation to the nursing education community. The Assessment Series of web-based seminars were offered for the first time in Autumn 2020.

In 2021, the name of the program was changed to Mountain Measurement’s Nursing Education Services and a learning management system was implemented. The NCLEX® Program Reports Introductory and Analysis Series Courses were published as web-based, self-paced courses.

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Mountain Measurement's Professional Development Services Panel of Experts is responsible for ensuring that the content of the blog and courses is aligned with the mission of the organization and is accurate, relevant, and useful for nurse educators. The panel meets quarterly to review and approve relevant staff activities including but not limited to curriculum, objectives, course descriptions, assessments, program evaluation activities, and outcomes.

Panel members include:

Former panel members include:

To reach the panel, email Please enter Panel of Experts in the subject line.

Mountain Measurement’s Nursing Education Services are taught by industry leaders in nursing education, assessment, accreditation, program evaluation, and/or psychometrics. Faculty members include:

Mountain Measurement currently offers a number of web-based courses options. The web-based courses have been designed with online learning in mind. Both self-paced and live courses are currently offered. Please see the Course Listing for information about individual courses.
All of the web-based courses except the 101 ‐ "An Orientation to the NCLEX Program Reports" have prerequisites. Please see the course descriptions for information about prerequisites.

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The self-paced web-based courses are delivered via the Canvas LMS and include a mix of videos and inspanidual exercises. An end-of-course assessment is administered at the conclusion of each course. Access to Canvas is provided upon registration.
Self-Paced Courses currently offered include:

Mountain Measurement is able to offer continuing education credit to all individuals completing courses through the Alabama Board of Nursing (Provider Number ABNP1516 Expires 2/5/2025). The amount of continuing education credit varies by course. See the course syllabus for information about the number of contact hours provided for a particular course.

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Nursing Programs may opt to purchase an Institutional Membership to provide faculty and staff with unlimited access to the Self-Paced Mountain Measurement Professional Development Courses, and discounted access to Synchronous Professional Development Courses. Institutional Memberships last one year (from May 1 through April 30), and the cost is determined by the number of students that graduate from a program during the prior year.

Base cost: $1,000 per institution + (number of nursing student graduates x $3)

For example, XYZ Institution has 80 nursing student graduates per year:
= $1,000 + ($3 x 80 nursing student graduates)
= $1,000 + $240
= $1,240 total cost for Annual Institutional Membership

Nursing Programs that participate in the annual Institutional Membership program receive the following:

  • Access for all faculty to Mountain Measurement’s self-paced Professional Development Courses
    • 3 Introductory Series Courses
      • 101 - An Orientation to the NCLEX® Program Reports
      • 102 - Understanding the Overall Performance of Your Candidates
      • 103 - Understanding the Topic Area Performance of Your Candidates

    • 2 Analysis Series Courses
      • 201 - The Basic NCLEX® Program Reports Analysis Process
      • 202 - Analyzing The NCLEX® Test Plan & Content Dimension Reports

    • 4 Frameworks Courses
      • 221 - Using the NCLEX® Test Plan to Dive Deeper into Your Program's NCLEX Program Reports Test Plan Performance
      • 222 - A Deep Dive into the NCLEX® Program Reports Content Dimensions
      • 223 - Coding items to the NCLEX® Test Plan & Content Dimensions
      • 224 - Focusing Your Program Improvement Efforts

  • Early registration access as well as a 10% discount to all Mountain Measurement web-based synchronous Assessment & Program Evaluation Professional Development Courses
    • 5 Program Evaluation Courses
      • 310 - An Introduction to Program Evaluation
      • 320 - Designing and Conducting Program Evaluation Studies
      • 330 - Developing a Systematic Plan of Evaluation or Continuous Plan of Improvement that integrates the NCLEX® Program Reports
      • 340 - Using Mapping Techniques to Evaluate a Program
      • 350 - Evaluating Distance Learning Programs in Nursing

    • 5 Assessment Series Courses
      • 410 - Systematic Assessment Program Design for Nursing Education
      • 420 - Assessment Design for Nursing Education
      • 430 - Writing Nursing Test Questions
      • 440 - Developing Clinical Judgment Questions for Next Gen NCLEX®
      • 450 - Constructing, Administering, Scoring & Evaluating Assessments for Nursing Education

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