Blog 016: Transitioning from the Old NCLEX® Percentile Ranks to Logits

Wyetta Bontempo January 16, 2024

 By: Wyetta Bontempo, PhD

With the transition to the online, interactive NCLEX® Program Reports, the metrics used in the Test Plan and Nursing Frameworks (formerly known as Content Dimension) sections of the Program Reports changed. The old NCLEX® Program Reports provided a variation of a percentile rank and values ranged from 0 to 100, although they typically occurred within the range 30 to 70. The new NCLEX® Program Reports provide the median of a program's graduates' performance expressed in logits. Logits can theoretically range from -∞ to +∞ but typically range from -3 to +3 for individuals and -1 to 1 when the median of the program is calculated.

The transition to the new metric has prompted questions regarding interpretation from educators. Mountain Measurement is currently working on NCLEX® Program Reports Professional Development Courses that will provide insight into this. Until those courses are available, Mountain Measurement is providing a table that will allow educators to translate their program's performance from logits to the previously used percentile rank reported in the old NCLEX® Program Reports. Since this translation table varies slightly by reporting period, Mountain Measurement recommends that educators use this table to translate performance solely for the 2023-2024 Semi-Annual Fall report period. Moreover, educators are encouraged to use caution with this table as the values vary by topic.

The logit metric uses modern psychometrics which allows users to objectively compare the performance of their typical graduate to a variety of comparison points. Since the current NCLEX® Program Reports provide historical data going back to 2013, programs should be transitioning to using the logit metric, thereby eliminating the need for this translation table going forward. As previously mentioned, educators looking for help interpreting the NCLEX® Program Reports should be on the lookout for updated Mountain Measurement Professional Development Courses.

Table 1. Old NCLEX Percentile Ranks with Corresponding Logit Ability Estimate for Semi-Annual Fall 2023-2024 Report Period.