The 2024 REx-PN® Program Reports for Canadian PN Nurse Educators are now available for purchase

Thursday January 11, 2024

Mountain Measurement, Inc. is pleased to announce the 2024 REx-PN® Program Reports for Canadian PN nurse educators are now available to purchase.

The REx-PN® Program Reports are online reports that provide a series of metrics about the performance of the graduates from a particular nursing education program. The Reports are created using the responses provided by a program’s graduates during their REx-PN® Examination administration and are the only source of information about the performance of a program’s graduates at the topic level which use actual REx-PN® Examination data.

The REx-PN® Program Reports are designed to help nursing program administrators and educators understand how their graduates performed on the REx-PN® Examination at the topic level. They are a vital source of information for program evaluation and program improvement. Educators use the Reports to identify strengths and opportunities, track program growth, reform curriculum, and modify instructional methodology.

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