Mountain Measurement, Inc. is pleased to annouce the REx-PN Program Reports for Canadian PN Nursing Educators

Tuesday May 30, 2023

Mountain Measurement, Inc. is pleased to offer the REx-PN® Program Reports for Canadian PN nurse educators. The REx-PN® Program Reports are online reports that provide a series of metrics about the performance of the graduates from a particular nursing education program. The Reports are created using the responses provided by a program’s graduates during their REx-PN® Examination administration and are the only source of information about the performance of a program’s graduates at the topic level which use actual REx-PN® Examination data.

The REx-PN® Program Reports are designed to help nursing program administrators and educators understand how their graduates performed on the REx-PN® Examination at the topic level. They are a vital source of information for program evaluation and program improvement. Educators use the Reports to identify strengths and opportunities, track program growth, reform curriculum, and modify instructional methodology. As part of the introduction to the REx-PN® Program Reports, Mountain Measurement is providing all LPN educators in Canada with complimentary access to the 2022 REx-PN® Program Reports.

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