Mountain Measurement's Services

Mountain Measurement's Services

This brief video provides an overview of the services that Mountain Measurement, Inc. provides to the nursing education community.

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Featured Blog Articles

date Jan 17, 2024

Blog 016: Transitioning from the Old NCLEX® Percentile Ranks to Logits

This blog helps educators interpret the Test Plan and Nursing Frameworks sections by providing a table which translates program performance from logits to the previously used percentile rank reported in the old NCLEX® Program Reports.

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date Jan 26, 2024

Blog 017: The #1 Rank in Table 3.2: What does it mean? How should we publicize this information?

This article provides information to the 400+ RN programs that received a #1 rank, according to the NCLEX® Program Reports, on what this means and recommendations as to how to publicize this news.

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