The following testimonials were provided by Seminar attendees.

"The NCLEX® Program Reports Professional Development Seminars are a great way for nursing educators to get the most out of their NCLEX® Program Reports subscriptions! Experts from Mountain Measurement provide hands-on guidance on how to interpret, analyze and use the student performance data. It is an invaluable resource for curriculum planning and preparing students for a successful NCLEX® experience." -

NCSBN Examinations Department

"Overall, our nursing faculty were quite satisfied with the quality of the Mountain Measurement NCLEX® Professional Development Seminar. The presenters demonstrated expertise in the content of the NCLEX® Program Reports, as well as the best way to interpret key elements. Attendees understood how to use the NCLEX® Program Reports more effectively, and the result was improved first-time NCLEX® Examination pass rates. More specifically, the program content enabled our faculty to identify weaknesses, evaluate our curriculum in new and meaningful ways and strategize ways to improve our program." -

Dr. Nadine Aktan, PhD, FNP-BC
Chairperson & Professor
William Paterson University Department of Nursing

"Our college has received the NCLEX® Program Reports for several semesters, and I have always eagerly opened them and read them cover to cover. Now that I have attended the full-day workshop, I actually understand these reports much better and feel the significance of these reports to our program review, revision, and evaluation process has grown tremendously. Definitely worth the time spent. Looking forward to the subsequent workshops! -

Dr. Margi Schultz, PhD, RN
Director of Nursing
GateWay Community College

"We have been subscribing to the NCLEX® Program Reports for years, and I thought I had a good understanding of what the information was showing me. Some of what I thought I knew was not completely correct. The workshop cleared up my misconceptions and helped me to interpret the Reports. Now, I am really confident that I know what these Reports are saying and the value they offer. The presenters were extremely patient in responding to all questions in a professional and understandable manner. I would recommend this program for all faculty and for all directors of nursing programs." -

Dr. N. V. Serra, EdD, CNE, MSN, RN
Chairperson, Frances M. McLaughlin Division of Nursing
Bloomfield College

"The best thing I ever did was attend the professional development program in Atlanta in November. Thanks for offering it. I wish I had realized sooner how helpful it would be." -

Winnie Kittiko, MS, RN
Program Director, Associate Degree Nursing
West Georgia Technical College