Mountain Measurement’s
Blog for Nurse Educators


The mission of the Mountain Measurement’s Professional Development Services is to provide the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for nurse educators to

  • Maximize the utility of the information contained in NCLEX® Program Reports
  • Plan, participate and lead successful program evaluation and improvement activities
  • Envision, create, produce, publish, administer, analyze, and interpret useful educational assessments
  • Effectively incorporate their assessment and program evaluation practices into their accreditation and program improvement framework

Educational content is delivered in the following ways.

  • Posts: Short sound bites are offered through Mountain Measurement’s social media and notices on the NCLEX® Program Reports website. Educators should think of posts as abstracts or summaries of the articles published on Mountain Measurement’s Blog for Nurse Educators.
  • Blog Articles: Similar to journal articles, a sufficient overview of a topic is provided in the informational articles published in Mountain Measurement’s Blog for Nurse Educators.
  • Courses: In-depth information is provided through the Professional Development courses offered by Mountain Measurement.
mission mission
scope scope

The four primary topics addressed by the blog include the NCLEX® Program Reports, assessment, accreditation, and program evaluation within nursing education. Secondary topics may include but are not limited to curriculum and faculty development, data management, systems science, Next Generation NCLEX (NGN), quantitative and qualitative research methods, psychometrics, licensure and certification, computerized adaptive testing (CAT), and item response theory (IRT).

target Target Audience

The blog's primary audience is nurse educators in the North America. Some blog articles are targeted for faculty members new to academe while others are targeted to seasoned veterans serving in leadership positions such as committee chairperson, program director, or dean.

format Format

The blog articles vary greatly in format and level of formality. Some are short and casual, while others are lengthy and have been through extensive peer-review. To the greatest extent possible, media objects are used to bring the content to life and make it easier for readers to understand.

Past Blog Articles

date Dec 22, 2023

Blog 015: Common Questions about the Next Gen NCLEX® Program Reports

The NCSBN® Performance Reports Support Center has compiled a list of common questions that nurse educators have asked which pertain to the new NCSBN® Performance Reports reporting platform and the improved NCLEX® Program Reports.

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