About the NCLEX2 TRANSOM Reports

The NCLEX2 TRANSOM Reports are designed to help staff and volunteers leverage the item level test information from the NCLEX2 certification exams in order to monitor and evaluate each component of the certification exams. Through the NCLEX2 TRANSOM Reports, the empirical performance of the test forms, test items, and even the individual response options can be inspected and evaluated.

Quarterly, Mountain Measurement loads in all of the item level data from the test sessions that occured during the quarter. After the data is loadad, TRANSOM automatically conducts statistical and psychometric analyses on the data and the results are transformed in a manner that makes it easy to present them in the NCLEX2 TRANSOM Reports.

We hope that you find the NCLEX2 TRANSOM Reports a useful resource that you will refer to many times. As always, we encourage your feedback. If you have any comments, compliments, or concerns, please write them down and let us know about them. We value your input!