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The NCLEX® Program Reports

The NCLEX Program Reports (or Program Reports for short) are electronic reports that help program administrators and educators understand how their nursing students performed on the NCLEX® Examination. Since each educational program graduates a different set of students, the NCLEX Program Reports are specific to each educational program. The information provided in the NCLEX Program Reports describes the strengths and weaknesses of the group of students graduating from an educational program. They do not provide information about the performance of individual students. Some subscribers use the NCLEX Program Reports to track program growth, while others reform curriculum or modify instructional methodology.

The Program Reports are provided in PDF format which makes it easy to view, print or e-mail them when working on any computer, by using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Subscribers can simply copy and paste the tables and charts from the NCLEX Program Reports into other reports or presentations, making it easy for administrators to provide information to key stakeholders about the strengths and weaknesses of their nursing program.

In addition to the PDF reports, subscribers can also order Supplemental CSV files which are structured data files that make it easy for administrators to analyze their program's data using many common spreadsheet and statistics software applications.

The Program Reports are packaged as a subscription and are released four times per year. More information about NCLEX Program Reports subscriptions can be found on The NCLEX Program Reports Web Site.


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