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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the NCLEX® Professional Development Seminars offered online?

A: Yes. We currently have several seminars offered online. For more information on upcoming web-based and face-to-face seminars, please visit the events page.

Q: Is the content the same for the one-hour web-based seminars and three-hour web-based seminars?

Yes. The 60-90 minute seminars cover the same content as their corresponding 3-hour seminars but are modified for online learning and broken up into shorter courses to accommodate attendees' schedules and learning needs.

Q: How often are the NCLEX® Professional Development Seminars offered?

A: The NCLEX Program Reports Professional Development Seminars are currently offered in both face-to-face and web-based formats multiple times per year.

Q: Is Continuing Education awarded to participants?

A: Mountain Measurement is able to offer continuing education to all individuals completing Seminars through the Alabama Board of Nursing (Provider Number ABNP1516 Expires 2/4/2025). The amount of continuing education credit varies by Seminar.

Q: Do I need to be a subscriber to the NCLEX® Program Reports to participate in a seminar?

A: No. However, the NCLEX® Professional Development Seminars are designed for subscribers.

Q: Can I take the seminars individually?

This depends, many of the courses do have prerequisites, which are outlined on the individual seminar pages.  If necessary prerequisites are fulfilled, you are welcome to take seminars individually. This is most relevant to our web-based seminars.

Q: Can I attend an NCLEX® Professional Development Seminar more than once?

Yes. There is no restriction on the number of times you take each seminar. As new developments, such as NCLEX Next Gen occur, there is always new information that is added to the seminars. However, you cannot receive continuing education credit more than once for the same seminar.

Q: I cannot make the dates I registered for. Do you offer refunds?

If you request a refund before the refund deadline, we are happy to provide a full refund of the registration cost. Once the deadline has passed we are not able to refund your registration. However, we can transfer your registration to a date that works better for you.

Q: How do I host an NCLEX® Professional Development Seminar?

A: Awesome! Please see Hosting an NCLEX® Professional Development Seminar for more information.

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