NCLEX® Program Reports

Professional Development Seminars

Fall 2020 Seminars Banner Cheating Seminar
October 2020
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Cheating Seminar
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403 - Writing Nursing Test Questions
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404 - Constructing, Publishing, Administering & Scoring Tests for Nursing Education
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405 - Evaluating a Test Using Psychometrics
November 2020
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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100.1 ‐ A Brief Introduction to the NCLEX® Program Reports

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100.2 - Understanding the Overall Performance of Your Candidates


100.3 ‐ Understanding the Topic Area Performance of Your Candidates
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200.1 ‐ The Basic NCLEX® Program Reports Analysis Process

200.2 ‐ Analyzing The NCLEX® Test Plan & Content Dimension Reports

Veteran's Day

5002 - Understanding the Impact of the Modified NCLEX® Exam on the NCLEX® Program Reports

202 ‐ Identifying Trends in Your Program’s Performance Using the Supplemental CSV Files
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210.1- Using the NCLEX® Test Plan to Dive Deeper into Your Program's NCLEX® Program Reports Test Plan Performance

210.2 - A Deep Dive into the NCLEX® Program Reports Content Dimensions

210.3 - Coding items to the NCLEX® Test Plan & Content Dimensions

210.4 - Focusing Your Program Improvement Efforts
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The mission of the NCLEX® Program Reports Professional Development Seminars is to help nurse educators analyze and interpret the information contained in their program’s NCLEX® Program Reports. Nursing education program administrators, analysts, and educators from both the US and Canada are invited to attend any of the Seminars.

Mountain Measurement is able to offer continuing education credit to all individuals completing the Seminars through the Alabama Board of Nursing (Provider Number ABNP1516). The amount of continuing education credit varies by Seminar.

The NCLEX® Program Reports are an extremely valuable part of any program evaluation, and these Seminars will give your faculty and administrators the tools and knowledge necessary to make the most of the information contained within them.


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