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Spring 2020 - Web-Based NCLEX® Program Reports Analysis Series

The purpose of the NCLEX® Program Reports Analysis Series is to cultivate analytic skills and provide instruction on techniques which can be used to analyze the NCLEX® Program Reports. Upon completion, participants will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their program and understand the test taking behavior of their graduates. The following seminars are offered:

Each of the 2000 series seminars was designed with online learning in mind. They are 60-90 minutes in length, delivered via and include a mix of presentations, discussions, polls and individual exercises. A 10-15 minute, online end-of-course assessment is administered to each attendee at the conclusion of each seminar. Together, these seminars cover the same content as the 201 seminar - Analyzing and Interpreting your NCLEX® Program Reports (See the diagram below).

Although learning outcomes will be optimized by participating in the 2001 and 2002 in the same week, educators may opt to participate in just the 2001 seminar at this time. It is not possible for educators to register for the 2002 seminar unless they also register for the 2001 seminar.

The 2001 and 2002 seminars are recommended for nursing educators and administrators who participate in program evaluation activities and have an interest in analyzing and interpreting their NCLEX® Program Reports.

Mountain Measurement is able to offer continuing education credit to all individuals completing the Seminars through the Alabama Board of Nursing (Provider Number ABNP1516). 1.2 contact hours are provided to participants completing the 2001 seminar and the end-course-assessment. 1.8 contact hours are provided to participants completing the 2002 seminar and the end-course-assessment.

Each of these seminars will be delivered by Brian Bontempo, Ph.D. The 2001 seminar costs $50 and the 2002 seminar costs $75.


The NCLEX® Program Reports Analysis Series

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