NCLEX® Program Reports

Professional Development Seminars

5002 - Understanding the Impact of the Modified NCLEX® Exam on the NCLEX® Program Reports

Prerequisites and Target Audience

There are no prerequisites to attend this seminar.

This web-based seminar is recommended for all nursing educators and administrators with students completing the NCLEX between Apr 1 and Sept 30, 2020 in the US and Canada regardless of whether or not the faculty member participates in NCLEX® Program Reports analyses or the educational program has subscribed to the NCLEX® Program Reports.


The purpose of this course is to illustrate the impact (or lack thereof) of the changes that NCSBN made to the NCLEX Examination to the information provided in the NCLEX Program Reports. The changes include a reduction in the minimum and maximum number of items, and the amount of time allowed for testing. More information about these changes can be found at COVID-19 Impact to NCLEX Candidates.

Learning Outcomes

The objectives of the course are as follows. Upon seminar completion, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the impact of the reduction on precision and validity
  • Describe the impact of the reduction on overall ability estimates and passing rates
  • Describe the impact of the reduction on NCLEX Test Plan area estimates, percentile ranks, and expected percentage correct
  • Describe the impact of the reduction on Content Dimension estimates and percentile ranks
  • Describe the impact of the reduction on the testing experience



The topics covered during the NCLEX® Program Reports 5002 Seminar are:

  1. IRT - Precision
  2. Validity
  3. Overall Performance Report
  4. NCLEX Test Plan Report
  5. Content Dimension Report
  6. Testing Experience


The NCLEX® Program Reports 5002 Seminar contains 50 minutes of learning activities. Participants are expected to independently complete a 10-minute end-of-course assessment immediately after the seminar concludes.

Continuing Education

1 contact hour is awarded through the Alabama Board of Nursing (Provider Number ABNP1516 Expires 2/4/2025) to all individuals completing the seminar and the end-of-course assessment.

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