NCLEX® Program Reports

Professional Development Seminars

401 ‐ Successful Program Evaluation Using the NCLEX® Program Reports

The purpose of this seminar is to increase the participants’ knowledge of nursing program evaluation. The 401 course picks up where the 301 course ends by helping nursing educators to identify or create solutions to improve their program. The topics covered during the NCLEX® Program Reports 401 seminar are:

  1. Program Evaluation 101
    • Program evaluation terminology (lingo)
    • Overview of the program evaluation process
    • Program evaluation methods
    • Developing a culture of program evaluation
  2. Data Driven Program Evaluation
    • The value of data driven program evaluation
    • Developing a data driven program evaluation system/culture
    • Navigating your program's system/culture
  3. Collecting Program Evaluation Data
    • Curriculum data
    • Cognitive processing data (Bloom's)
    • Pedagogy data
    • Learning resources data
    • Staffing data
  4. Analyzing Program Evaluation Data
    • Mapping the NCLEX Blueprint to your program's curriculum
    • Root cause analysis
    • Gap analysis
    • Gold Standards: Accreditation Standards, Regulatory Standards, Internal Standards/Benchmarks
  5. Interpreting Program Evaluation Data
    • Prioritizing findings
    • Normative comparisons
  6. Communicating program evaluation outcomes
    • Stakeholder involvement
    • Reporting the outcomes
    • Presenting the data

This NCLEX® Program Reports seminar includes a mix of presentations, discussion, and group exercises designed to maximize learning.

In order to register for this course, participants must have completed the 101 - "An Introduction to the NCLEX® Program Reports", 201 - "Analyzing and Interpreting your NCLEX® Program Reports", and 301 - "Understanding your Program’s Challenges and Opportunities through the NCLEX® Test Plan and Content Dimensions" courses.

All participants are strongly encouraged to bring a copy of their NCLEX® Program Reports.

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