NCLEX® Program Reports

Professional Development Seminars

330 - Developing a Systematic Plan of Evaluation or Continuous Plan of Improvement that integrates the NCLEX® Program Reports

Registration fee: $150.00

Upcoming Dates: October 12, 2021, 10 AM - 1 PM Pacific Time

Delivered by Jochebed (Bea) Ade-Oshifogun, Ph.D., RN-BC, CNE, faculty member and NCLEX® Program Reports Panel of Nursing Experts panelist and Kathleen Williamson, Ph.D., MSN, RN.

Prerequisites and Target Audience

This web-based seminar is intended for Educators and administrators with at least 3 years of experience participating in program evaluation.


The purpose of this course is to prepare educators and administrators to develop or update their program's systematic plan of evaluation or continuous plan of improvement and to incorporate the NCLEX® Program Reports into that plan.

Learning Outcomes

Upon seminar completion, participants can:

  • describe the fundamental aspects of a SPE/CPI.
  • describe the program evaluation process.
  • define success and program outcomes.
  • integrate assessments into program evaluation methodology.
  • describe the data analysis strategies and develop evaluation findings.
  • document their Systematic Plan of Evaluation (plan).
  • document evaluation findings in an annual report.


The topics covered during the NCLEX® Program Reports 330 Seminar are:

  1. SPE/CPI 101
    1. Definition of Terms
    2. What is an evaluation plan?
    3. Who develops/updates an evaluation plan?
    4. When should a program revise/update its evaluation plan?
    5. What are the attributes of an evaluation plan?
    6. How does a program develop/update an evaluation plan?
    7. Defining success for an evaluation plan?
  2. The Program Evaluation Process
    1. Process
    2. Best Practices
  3. Defining Program Success
    1. Aspects of Success
    2. Types of Outcomes (Expected Levels of Achievement)
    3. Aspects of Outcomes
    4. Success Criteria
  4. Forms of Evidence: Integrating Assessments into Program Evaluation
    1. Creating a culture of assessment
    2. Selecting useful assessments
      1. Assessment types
      2. Assessment alignment
      3. Assessment quality
  5. Analyzing & interpreting assessment results
  6. Analyzing the evidence
    1. Evaluation is about comparison
    2. Building a profile of your graduates
    3. Identifying opportunities for improvement
  7. Decision making and taking action
    1. Evidence-based decision making/li>
    2. Improvement plans
    3. Change management
  8. Evaluation Results Reporting/Feedback loop/Annual reporting
    1. Content outline
    2. Format
    3. Review and adoption process
  9. Documenting a SPE
    1. content outline
    2. Format
    3. Review and adoption process


The NCLEX® Program Reports 330 Seminar is delivered as a 2.5-hour lecture and a 30-minute Question and Answer session. Participants are expected to independently complete a 30-minute end-of-course assessment immediately after the seminar concludes.


All participants are strongly encouraged to have a copy of their nursing Program's Systematic Plan of Evaluation.

Continuing Education

3.5 contact hours are awarded through the Alabama Board of Nursing (Provider Number ABNP1516 Expires 2/4/2025) to all individuals completing the seminar and the end-of-course assessment.


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