NCLEX® Program Reports

Professional Development Seminars

100.2 (Formerly 1002) ‐ Understanding the Overall Performance of Your Candidates

Prerequisites and Target Audience

Attendees must have completed the 100.1 (Formerly 1001) Web-Based Seminar "A Brief Introduction to the NCLEX Program Reports".

This web-based seminar is recommended for nursing educators and administrators who participate in program evaluation activities or have an interest in analyzing their NCLEX® Program Reports.


The purpose of this seminar is to scrutinize the Overall Performance section of the NCLEX® Program Reports and enhance participants' understanding of the relationship between ability scores, passing standards, and passing rates.

This seminar is the second of a three-part seminar series intended to be the online counterpart to the face-to-face 101 Seminar "An Introduction to the NCLEX Program Reports".

Learning Outcomes

The objectives of the course are as follows. Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the basics of the Rasch model and Computerized Adaptvie Testing and their importance to the NCLEX® Program Reports.
  • Describe the information provided in the Overall Performance section of the Reports.
  • Explain the difference between passing rates and mean scores.
  • Interpret a program's performance in context to the NCLEX® Examination Passing Standard.



The topics covered during the NCLEX® Program Reports 100.2 Seminar are:

  1. NCLEX® Examination Scores Overview
  2. NCLEX® Exam Specifications
  3. Rasch Model
  4. NCLEX® Program Reports - Overall Performance
  5. Comparison Groups
  6. Passing Ranks
  7. Licensure Applications
  8. Passing Rate
  9. Passing the NCLEX® as a function of ability and the passing standard
  10. National ability estimates
  11. Changes in the passing standard set by NCSBN
  12. Passing Rate can be Misleading


The NCLEX® Program Reports 100.2 Seminar is delivered as a 50-minute lecture, with some large group activities and a 10-minute Question and Answer session. Participants are expected to independently complete a 10-minute end-of-course assessment immediately after the seminar concludes.


All participants are encouraged to have a copy of their NCLEX® Program Reports ready to follow along with the Presenters.

Continuing Education

1.2 contact hours are awarded through the Alabama Board of Nursing (Provider Number ABNP1516 Expires 1/31/2021) to all individuals completing the webinar and the end-of-course assessment.

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